Acrobatic flying

After I started flying, I was totally impressed by acrobatics. Of course, it looked way easier than it really was, not to mention the safety issues. Since my goal was to become a better pilot, I signed for a SIV course (safety course), where flying under the supervision of an instructor and simulating manoeuvres helps pilots to improve their skills. After I have finished the course, I couldn’t just go on flying the way I did before, so I decided to get my own basic acrobatic equipment and start training. My goal was to improve my basic knowledge about safety to become better pilot. After a few seasons, I discovered acrobatic is more than just learning to fly safely.

It is an amazing feeling of an adrenaline rush and freedom. From that point on, I was addicted to acrobatics, which meant I had to train and improve my skills to be able to do more difficult manoeuvres. During the season, there is little time for long cross-country flying, because it takes up a whole day, but doing acrobatic is just perfect for in between the tandems.

Sometimes, when we don’t have any customers or someone has just cancelled a tandem flight, we take the acrobatic gear and go for a quick dose of adrenaline.