Since we are busy during the summer flying tandems, there is not much time for long cross-country flying. Matic and I decided that we want to go somewhere, where we can fly and explore new areas. After brainstorming, India came to mind and our mini project started. We both knew India is popular for cross-country flying, but we wanted something different, so we decided to try crossing the Indian Himalayas from the border with Pakistan all the way south to the foothills of the Himalayas. Everything went well until I experienced altitude sickness that prevented us from fulfilling our plan.

We decided that I have to go to a lower altitude and wait for Matic, while he will try to start alone. Due to constant weather change and unstable weather forecast, he decided not to push it and joined me. Meanwhile, I was waiting for him midway of our set course. From there we did few flights into the big mountains and then proceeded towards India’s most popular place for long cross-country flights, Bir Billing. Our decision was not to stay at the same place and fly the same routes, but to explore the territory a bit more. The adventure we had was amazing, even though we didn’t accomplish our initial plan.

Acrobatic flying