WINTER 2016/2017

Winter seasons in Slovenia are usually cold and snowy, thus the opportunities to fly are rare. However,  this time of the year is ideal for a small escape to warm places. Since I am “addicted” to paragliding and free flying, the decision to go to Nepal seemed perfect. After a sunny summer, I went to Bir Billing, India, to restore my solo cross-country flying batteries.

A month of adventures in the Indian Himalayas passed super fast, which meant Nepal is next. I stayed in Pokhara, a town below the Earth’s biggest roofs, the Annapurna Range, from December until April, flying tandems, cross country and training acrobatics.

Time flew by quickly, however it was full of new experiences and unforgettable adventures. After five months of flying abroad, it was time to return home and prepare for a new season in Bohinj.

Acrobatic flying